Comments from some of our happy customers.

Summerfield- Kauai Ranch

Our X litter males, Bane and Dutch are fun and healthy boys! Here they are at 5 months old on the Ranch . We love them!

Summerfield- Kauai Ranch, 2017-07-31

C Whiting- Upstate New York

Winter is 7 month old now.(Kira X Sheriff) Living in Upstate New York. 56 pounds of pure love. We get so many compliments. She learns so quickly. She is stunning!

C Whiting- Upstate New York, 2017-07-31

C. Whiting- Honolulu

Winter is doing amazing! She sits for food and water, when the door opens to go out side, and she can even stay, when her dad is poassing by. She is so Smart. She is only 11 weeks old here in the photo and she is a giant!  So SMART! And, NO jumping when we come home and she sits to be petted.  We love her, the kids love her and her brother Storm loves her. Thank You!

C. Whiting- Honolulu, 2017-03-01

Jim Neigbors with Kelly in Maui

Jim Neighbors and Kelly from the J litter in 2014. Resting on the porch in Hana.


Jim Neigbors with Kelly in Maui, 2016-08-08

L. Patterson, Captain Cook

Neema is doing awesome! She is such a great pup with an amazing character! She and her 3 great dane brothers love being together and playing.  She lets the the boys know  who the boss is. Girl Power!

L. Patterson, Captain Cook, 2016-08-06

Jim Neighbors with Kelly

Kelly is a smart and beautiful girl and fits in with the pack of Jimbo and Candy very nicely.

Jim Neighbors with Kelly , 2016-08-05

K. Weston-Webb- Princeville

He does not leave my side.  He is an amazing animal!

K. Weston-Webb- Princeville, 2015-12-24

Serene Pfier- Honolulu

We are abundantly blessed to have this amazing dog! Dallas is the smartest dog and so keen to learn and discover.

She is best buds with my son and sleeps beside him and guards him all the time.

She is alert and protective, but social with everyone. We love her disposition, confirmation and her structure.She is the most intellegent dog I have ever trained. We LOVE her!

Serene Pfier- Honolulu, 2015-11-22

Serene Pfifer- Honolulu

Dallas loves to swim and play in the ocean! She is an amazing animal.

Serene Pfifer- Honolulu, 2015-11-09

K. Weston-Webb, Princeville

Who is the most handsome dog in the world?!! Damn Laurel, I love my dog.  Thank you.

K. Weston-Webb, Princeville, 2015-03-07

N Sanchez, Wailuku, HI

Sonata is getting big so fast! 5 months old now. I am so in love with her. She already has wonderful manners and is extreemely smart. I take her on hikes and to the beach a lot and she loves to swim! Has fun attacking waves. It's cute to watch.

N Sanchez, Wailuku, HI, 2015-03-06

Y.  Bailey, Mtn. View

Just wanted to let you know that our pup has grown to be a beautiful healthy girl.
She is the sweetest most loving dog and is an important part of our family.
Thank you for such a fine specimen of a shepherd.

Y. Bailey, Mtn. View, 2015-03-01

The Stuart's, Kohala Hawaii

She is a jewel!  Perfect in the car.  Eats well(!). Slept through the entire night.  Gets along well with Bella.  The 2 of them slept by Tom's feet while he watched tv - one of them occasionally chewed on his toes.  We gave the someone a Nylabone to chew on instead.  She likes that, Bella's tennis ball and a dragon that we got at Costco that is almost as big as she is.  She attacks it fiercely and then drags it around.   Thank you.


The Stuart's, Kohala Hawaii, 2015-02-06

The Trull's, Kona, HI

It was wonderful to meet you in person today and loved seeing your facility.
Puppy was amazing all the way home and slept most of the way. She has been an adorable bundle of joy and all three of us have fallen in love with her instantly. She is doing great and is more fabulous then we could have ever dreamed of.

Thank you so much for making it happen!

The Trull's, Kona, HI, 2015-02-05

Sarah, 1-24-2015, Honolulu

Hi Laurel, I just wanted to update you on Bruce aka Right Green from H Litter…
 He is doing FANTASTIC! He is 7 months now and a healthy 55 pounds. He has been raw fed since the day we got him and is doing great on it. He knows sit, platz, hier, bring, and through( sits between my legs) (stay is expected with all commands until his “yes” release cue). We are working on fuss, steh, and proper leash manners. We hope to get him into Schutzhund when he is a little older. He is very food motived so training is fairly easy with him most of the time. Thank you so much for our wonderful boy, we couldn’t be more happy with him.

Sarah, 1-24-2015, Honolulu, 2015-01-24

J. Morgan & Max

I just thought I'd share some pics of Max who turns 1 today. He's a beautiful, intelligent, strong and loving family member. He is a bit of a rascal bit we love him and he loves us. Thank you again for giving us our Max

J. Morgan & Max, 2014-12-15

M. Nissle- Honolulu

Kunoichi is a smart and beautiful girl.  She is learning basic commands, likes to fetch and walks on the leash well.

Here is ia photo with her and my daughter.  Thanks again. We are enjoying her.

M. Nissle- Honolulu, 2014-12-12

R Wolcott, Maui 6/24/2014

Absolutely my best friend.

R Wolcott, Maui 6/24/2014, 2014-06-24

J. Birch 5/23/2014

Just thought you'd like an update on our Rylee(C litter, Sherriff & Kira)! She's doing great!! She's the happiest little dog(not so little anymore haha) and she's been nothing but a joy to us. She's so beautiful. Still can't thank you enough☺️

-Jessica Birch

J. Birch 5/23/2014, 2014-05-23

Kym James

Aloha Laurel,  Just wanting to inform u that Nugget arrived this evening!!! ( just a bit late which ended up being Ok bcuz I had a hard time finding cargo.)  Anyway, she arrived and all I have to say is that she is "ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!!"  She is much sweeter than I could have ever imagined! Thank you very much for working w me! I appreciate your kindness as well as you being so straight forward and up front w me about everything up to and including the transaction and transport!  I would be happy to provide references or anything that u may need in the future! Again, Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo!

Kym James, 2014-02-07

Dia B. Kauai

Hi Laurel:)

Glad you enjoyed the photo!!!!Asti and minka are doing great!!! Asti is my big opihi:) such a snuggle:)

Minka is sooo smart and full of drive!!!! we have started tracking and bite work!!! def gonna go for her bh and Schutzhund 1 in November. I'm planning to come to Hilo in April for the nationals:)

would be great to meet you in person!!! love them both soo much!!!! thanks for the amazing dogs!!!

Dia B. Kauai, 2014-01-17

Rev. Captain Sheoli Makara, M.A. (Kailua-Kona Hawaii)

Anyone considering bringing a German Shepherd dog into their family, contact the Alpha K-9 Kennels.

From my first conversation with Laurel Young, the owner/operator, I knew she was the perfect person to help me acquire my pup. She truly cares about matching the right dog to the right family. Her level of integrity in which she runs her business and services she provides is matched by her vast knowledge that gives reassurance and comfort to her clients.

Laurel carefully makes certain that the prospective breeding pair both have clean bills of health before she allows them to mate which produces healthy, strong pups. She gives up to date progress reports on the “moms” once they conceive and continues giving updates throughout the entire process including photos of the parents.
When the pups are born, she sends personal emails with photos. Then with a discerning eye, Laurel watches the pups and provides information to help make the best selection for what one is looking for in their dog.

There are so many really nice things Laurel does throughout the process. To mention all of the kindnesses here may take away from your experience of delight and surprise.I’ll just say that she provides truly excellent, professional yet friendly and thoughtful services, which is what you want during such a deeply personal process.

My puppy is healthy, happy and adjusted immediately to me and her new environment. I attribute this calm transition to all Laurel does in preparation for the puppies move to their forever home.

I whole heartedly recommend Laurel Young of Alpha K-9 Kennels to find the best choices in German Shepherd dogs and dog services.

Rev. Captain Sheoli Makara, M.A. (Kailua-Kona Hawaii), 2013-10-01

John, Nick Weezy and Dazel Kula Maui 2012

Nick and I would be delighted if you used the video in your web site.
Yes, Dazel is a fun loving dog. Always ready to please, with a great attitude. To help her with her jumping,
we watch her weight carefully, feeding 3 measured meals a day. Don't want any excess weight on her hips.
( Although, I think she would rather play Frisbee than eat). She and Wheezy often romp together with "puppy" play,
which is nice for both of them.

John, Nick Weezy and Dazel Kula Maui 2012, 2012-04-01

E. Burpo , Santa Rita,  Guam, February 10, 2012

Jet (Q litter) is doing amazing...growing everyday it seems. He is just so dang smart. We do a little training everyday and I keep forgetting he is only 3.5 months old. He will "heal" almost the whole way on our walk, right up to the part when we are near the house and he knows it so he gets ahead and pulls a little, but it is less and less each walk. He will also do a sit/down stay with me about 15 feet away. I also tried, in the house, a sit stay with me going around the corner for about 5 seconds...lol...he did so good!!! He is amazing and focused, a little lazy on his sit, but then again he is only 3.5 months old. All the training is with his food, again amazing dog!!!! Thank you so much for everything!!!

E. Burpo , Santa Rita, Guam, February 10, 2012, 2012-02-10

L. Overmyer, Kapaa, Kauai January 25. 2012

Attached is a picture of Colt.....He was certified last May as a Search and Rescue dog. He is a nationally certified Canine SARTECH III-Area search dog. Just thought you would like to see how he is doing and what he has accomplished. I am so proud of him!!! Great Dog!!!! Thank you for everything!!

L. Overmyer, Kapaa, Kauai January 25. 2012 , 2012-01-25

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