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September 5th Update

Sep 5, 2015 | General

Female did NOT get pregnant this time. So disappointed. The next N litter to be bred this Fall. Wait time 9 to 12 months for deposits after September 5th. German Shepherd pups AKC Limited Registration are $2500 each plus tax and shipping if applicable. $300 non-refundable deposit to be put on the list. Please review page on how to purchase a Puppy.

The next 4 clients moving up the list for Male #1 Powers, #2 Ohlsen, #3 Young, #4 Sherman.
Females #1 Loza, #2 Vujnovich, #3 Takamori.
As of September 5 , there are 9 deposits for Females and 11 for Males. 9 month to 12 month wait for those putting in a deposit after September 5th. Thank you.