Vom Younghaus German Shepherds

We at vom Younghaus Shepherds are truly dedicated in providing you with only the BEST EAST & WEST GERMAN WORKING/SIEGER BLOODLINES IN THE WORLD!   It is our belief that a dog who possesses outstanding qualities themselves may not produce it if they do not carry these qualities genetically in their pedigree.  Look through our pedigrees and see Only the cream of the crop in working bloodlines.  Generation after generation you will see dogs that have been outstanding workers as well as super producers throughout their career.  It just doesn't get much better then this!  We then make sure each dog has the proper working drives, hardness and nerves needed to become a top working dog.  Our dogs are bred for all areas of work from Schutzhund, Police Service (Patrol/Narcotic & Bomb Detection), Personal Protection, Search & Rescue, as well as the perfect family companion/protector.

As of 2008, we have incorporated West German Sieger bloodlines into our pedigrees. We are combining the pedigrees for a more family type companion and area protection dog. More of a moderate to above average drive for Obedience work and Schutzhund Sport. There is occasionally a 100% working breeding available.

It is very important to us that in our breeding program we strive to consistently produce that TOTAL DOG.   We believe that the success of any breeding program mainly stems from the maternal quality a kennel possesses.  All of our brood bitches have above average DRIVES in their make up, SOLID NERVES and some HARDNESS in protection.  In addition, we believe that proper structure allows a dog to work to their fullest potential with ease.  If you look through our pedigrees you will see many "V" rated (EXCELLENT) or KKL1 (RECOMMENDED FOR BREEDING) dogs.  It has become very difficult to find nice structured 100% German Bloodline working dogs.  In our breeding program it is our goal to produce this type of dog.


Just to name a few!

Listed within is the foundation of our exclusive breeding program designed to produce dogs with working drives, sound nerves, correct structure, classic saddle back markings, as well as robust health and longevity.  We have gone to great expense to bring together the stock capable of producing our ideal.  Take a look and see, we are sure you will be as satisfied as we are!


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