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Alpha K-9 Kennels is our dog and cat Kennel in Hilo Hawaii. We are locally owned and operated, and provide professional pet care with ALOHA.  The kennels and home were built in 1993. We are located on 8 acres on the Hamakua coast, 15 miles North of Hilo. The location is very convenient for residence on the Hamakua coast heading to the Hilo airport to catch a flight or for Hilo residences driving along the coast to head over to Waikoloa or Kona for the weekend.   We are a short .7 mile Mauka of highway 19 at 29-329 Chin Chuck Road and have clear signage at the entry of the property.  We board cats and all sizes and ages of puppies and dogs at our dog kennel. All toy breeds to extra-large breeds and mixed breed dogs.  We have a large 30 by 40 foot play yard and offer, scenic, private walks and extra attention for the special needs pet. We will medicate your pet as needed as instructed and offer refreshing exit baths.  We are not groomers, and cannot clip your pet, but we CAN brush, de matt and bathe!  Your pet will be happy to see you and will be nice and fresh! We also have cat houses with a view.  We are open 7 days a week for your convenience by appointment only. We also are the distributor for Natura dog foods like Innova, Evo Red Meat, Chicken and Turkey and California Natural Lamb and Rice or Herring and Sweet Potato.



Vom Younghaus is a premier German Shepherd Breeder established since 1991.  We have produced many competition sport dogs over the years and even more loving family companions.  Our  foundation breeding stock were selected and shipped in directly from Germany and went through the quarantine process that is required in the State of  Hawaii. Since we have gone through this process, we are able to bring these bloodlines to the Hawaiian Islands and Guam with NO QUARANTINE required!!


 We have both working bloodlines, and intelligent Sieger lines.  The dogs and pups have outstanding temperaments and are highly trainable. The combination of both has proven to satisfy most family’s needs for a home watch dog and loving family companion.  The pedigrees combine to bring our dogs, correct structure, sound nerves, intelligence and trainability. 

We then make sure each dog has the health care and worming at the appropriate ages. Worming is done at 3 weeks, 5 weeks and 7 weeks of age. We will also help to crate train the pups by establishing a morning routine for the pups. We let them on the grass to relieve themselves, feed them, let them have 30 minutes time outside to do their business again, then put them in individual crates to learn how to be relaxed and quiet in a crate alone. We start with a positive 30 minutes on the first day.  Then get longer and longer till the pups can stay in their crate for up to 3 to 4 hours at one given time.  If a puppy can hold in the kennel for 3 to 4 hours, this allows for the new owners to be able to have a head start on house training.


We give them their first puppy booster shot at 7 weeks then monitor them in separate kennel runs, 5 x 10 feet, for 7 days prior to shipping them to their new homes at 8 weeks of age. This teaches the puppies basic manners and how to continue their routine in new surroundings.  Our dog kennels are a cement foundation with 3 feet of cement hollow tile block between each run. There is 3 feet of chain link above that for fresh air and for the larger dogs to see the other dogs around them.  At the same time, the cement divider keeps the area clean and protected for the smaller pet or puppy that is just learning how to live life on his own.  No intimidation by a large dog, and no cross contamination. 


Laurel and her staff of Anita, Jade and Lani, make caring for your pet their PRIORITY! They all genuine love the animals and know what the pets need to make them comfortable. Our Cat Houses and dog boarding kennel are a safe place for your dog and cat to stay when life takes you elsewhere. Vacation, business or have lots of house guest coming to visit you? Please consider our dog boarding kennel as their home away from home.  We are an ocean view dog kennel that gives dogs the feeling of their lush back yard with birds chirping and the sun shining. Professional pet care with Aloha!



Aloha! From Our Team, Anita with Ellie, Jade with pups.

Lani with Tiara.                     Ness and Laurel.


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Our dog Kennel In Hilo Hawaii

100% WORK + 100% West German Sieger

= Intelligence, sound nerves & structure!

Ph/Fax.  (808) 963-6000  -  E-mail.
P.O. Box 372  -  Hakalau, HI 96710 USA

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UPDATED 4/17/14

                                                               ybbutt.gif (164 bytes)  PURCHASING A VOM YOUNGHAUS PUP



                                            Large 30 foot by 40 foot exercise yard. 


                            Crate training the Pups 2 hours in the mornings.

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"E" Litter

Born March 27, 2014

Gigi vom Younghaus bred to Bardo Ultra Star "Jake"


4 Males and 3 Females pictured at 4 days old with Gigi.


E litter 20 days old. taken 4/17/2014

E litter 20 days old. Taken 4/17/2014

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"F" Litter

Born April 5, 2014

Desteny vom Elbe-Saale-Winkle "Yanna" bred to Bardo Ultra Star "Jake" (repeat of the A litter)

3 Males and 4 Females pictured at 2 days old. Yanna's beautiful litter.

F litter 12 days old. Eyes opened today. 4/17/2014

Close up 12 days old.

3 Males 4 females.

8 weeks May 31, 2014

Ship or pick up date is May 29. Thursday and May 30 Friday

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Both these litters are spoken for as of 4/8/2014

over flow will move to G litter.

Future deposits (after 4/8) will be for G litter.

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Upcoming Litters

"G" Litter Due May 25, 2014

Ellie von Billheim Bred to Jake

Pups ready to go home early to mid June 2014 at 8 weeks of age

Now accepting $300 non refundable deposits towards these litters.

$1800 per puppy with Limited AKC papers.

1 male, 2 females  reserved for future G or H  litter.

Deposits after 4/8 will be for this G litter or later this year.

Call Laurel 808-987-3798 or email

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 "D" litter

Born January 3, 2014

 5 males on hold with deposits as of 10/21/2013

5 males and 3 females Born!

Entire Litter sold as of 1/20/2014

Bardo Ultra Star "Jake" 

Bred to

Love Me True von Wieser "Tiara"

Litter Born January 3, 2014

5 males all reserved. 14 days old. Eyes just opened.


12 day old picture of a male,   14 day old male with eyes open.


3 females 14 days old.

5 weeks old in the Play yard.  More pictures on the way by 2/15/2014.


Taken 2/17/2014, Tiara and her pups relaxing in the large yard.

3 females 4.5 weeks of age.

left ear red (medium), middle red (largest), right ear red (medium).


Picking order at 6-7 weeks of age, Petra, Serene, Mallory.

Left blue ear male, right blue ear male. 


6 weeks of age.

 Left green male, right orange male, right green male.


6 weeks of age.

Picking order Beiga, Kentz, Anderson, Ellenz, Bateman at 6 to 7 weeks of age.

Entire litter sold as of 1/20/2014

$1800 each puppy. Limited AKC.

Call Laurel at 808-987-3798 cell 808-963-6000 office or email

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Featured in the Nov/Dec 2007 Schutzhund USA magazine

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JAGO von der Guten Nachbarschaft
SchH II, KKL2 LBZ!!!



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Bundessiegerprufung Winners from 1953 with photos

Click Here for Testimonials from our very satisfied puppy & dog buyers!
View the pedigrees of
Our Dogs to see photos of many famous working dogs.

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The most striking features of the correctly bred German Shepherd are firmness of nerves, attentiveness, unshockability, tractability, watchfulness, reliability and incorruptibility together with courage, fighting tenacity and hardness.

Captain Max von Stephanitz


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